Facial Peels


Peels are one of the most underutilized treatments in many cosmetic practices. Peels help tone, texture, fine lines, scaring and most importantly sun-damage/melasma.

How long does it take?

Approximately 15-20 minutes.

How long does it last?

Results are semi-permanent.

How long before I peel?

Peeling depends on the type of peel you use. VIPeel (our medium depth peel), usually starts peeling 3 days after the peel and continuous to peel from day 3-5. Final results are usually seen at day 7.

Is it painful?

Compared to other chemical treatments, the VI Peel does not cause discomfort. Patients may note a slight stinging sensation when it is immediately applied, but this will diminish almost immediately.

Common Complaints?

Although complaints with VIPeel are uncommon, patients sometimes experience itching he first night (usually relieved by Benadryl).

Can I fly after the procedure?

Yes, but keep in mind that flying makes you dehydrated so try to avoid salty foods and drink tons of water.

What can I do to keep the results looking great?

We recommend a topical vitamin C based serum from Skinceuticals for adequate hydration, consider a micro-needle home device to help stimulate collagen and Triluma Topical Cream.

When can I go back to normal activities?

After about 48hrs you can resume normal activities.